Pyracantha Orange Charmer

Botanical name: Pyracantha coccinea ‘Orange Charmer’


Common name: Firethorn


Height & Spread: 2m x .90m

Planting spacing: 2ft apart

Where to plant: Full sun/ partial in well drained soil

Flowering period: April/May

Pruning: June/July

Leaves: Evergreen 

Irish weather hardiness: Hardy


Pyracantha Orange Charmer is a great plant with year round interest.

It can be used as a wall plant or as a hedge. When using it as a hedge it will initially need support such as a fence, be it timber or wire it will give your plant support for the first few years when the stem isn’t strong enough.

Pruning back each year will also encourage stability as it will encourage the plant to bush out. What you get with this plant is a bang for buck as there is something to look at every season.

Orange masses of berries are produced in late autumn giving you great colour throughout the drab winter months. Then in April/ May you get creamy white flowers which in the right conditions cover the plant just as the berries do.

A truly great plant.

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Planting instructions :-

Water the plant in its pot thoroughly before planting – give it a good soaking. Prepare the area by digging a hole twice the size of the pot. Dig compost into the base of the hole. Remove the pot and position the plant in the hole, with the top of the rootball about level with the surrounding soil. Refill the planting hole with a mixture of garden soil and compost, firming as you go. Water in well and keep watered during the plant’s first year.