Escallonia Macrantha

Botanical name: Escallonia macrantha

Common name: Escallonia

Height & Spread: 4m x 4m

Planting spacing: 50cm apart


Where to plant: Full sun / partial shade

Flowering period: From may right through summer

Pruning: In late summer after flowering

Leaves: Evergreen

Irish Weather Hardiness: Sensitive inland



Escallonia rubra macrantha is a vigorous evergreen shrub with fragrant leaves and relatively big pink-red flowers.

It is a great hedging plant, especially on windy coastal sites as it can take the harsh coastal winds.

This is one of the fastest growing Escallonias that we sell and we especially recommend it for hedging by the sea, where it will grow well in strong, salty winds.

The bright pink-red flowers are carried through the summer until the first frosts.